Secure home workplace

As a result of the Corona crisis, many employees have started working from home. It has been found that the home network is often unsafe for working from home and sensitive to burglary. This can have major consequences for the security of the company network and the privacy of the persons whose data is processed.

Some possible risks are:

  • A housemate is not paying close attention and his laptop is infected with malware. This spreads through the employee's computer to the company network. There, ransomware is installed that encrypts files on important servers.
  • The employee has an insecure IP camera that can be accessed from the internet at home. This is taken over by cyber criminals who from there manage to break into the employee's computer. There they steal personal data that they later offer for sale on the internet. The buyers then use this information to defraud people by, for example, WhatsApp fraud.
  • The WiFi password on the home network is so easy to guess that a malicious person breaks into the home network and enters the company network via the company computer and can access secret company data.

That is why it is important to anticipate this situation and to set up a safe workplace, where business activities are separated from private activities on the network. This can be arranged quite easily with the right equipment. The employee works on the company network with the company equipment and uses the private network with the own equipment in his spare time.

In addition, we can offer a secure and stable environment for meetings (teamwork) and home workplaces outside the home.

If you have the need for a safe workplace, you can always contact us. We can give advice about safe computer behavior by means of training or workshops, for example.